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Bought a new jack at Radio Shack and the colors of the wires in the replacement jack are red, green, black and yellow. Verizon repair was at best, snotty in telling me “we cannot tell you how to do repairs over the phone. Because of their attitude, I would pay someone else double rather than have Verizon do it. I am pretty handy and know this is not a big deal to do. I just need to know which colors to match with which other colors to make the connection when the phone wire has one set of colors and the jack has a different set of colors. Any anyone help me?

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On the back of phone jacks, there are usually four connections—one red, one green, one black, and one yellow. The red and green “Christmas trees” wires power the first, or primary, line in your home. The black and yellow “bumble bees” wires don’t get used unless a second line is added to your home. Adding a second line to your home is an easy task that even the least experienced do-it-yourselfer can do without costly interference from a telephone technician.

Again, if this is for the second line only, you’ll want to hook up the yellow and black lines to the jack and wrap and tape the red and green ones. Screw the cover back on and use the cable stapler to secure the wire to the wall.

Instead of calling the phone company to request their services, try installing the new phone jack yourself. Assess your room and think about the best path for the phone wires. If you need a new phone jack on the opposite side of the room from your existing jack, will it be possible to run the wires along your baseboards? Measure the distance from the old jack to the spot where the new one will be installed.

Include the entire path that the telephone wire will travel: Go to the hardware store and purchase the amount of wire you will need. If your new jack is going to be located several feet from the old one, you should also buy fasteners that are made for keeping the wire in place along walls and baseboards. These types of jacks are simply affixed to your baseboard or wall, with minimal drilling required.

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Whereas single-line phones have just one jack, two line phones have either two or three. If your telephone lines aren’t combined into one cord, you plug the first line in the first jack and the second line in the second jack. If the lines are combined, you just plug the single cord into the third jack, which is designed to detect all four wires.

The conductors in the phone jack detect whether a first and second land line exist and then assign each line to the appropriate user interface. Line one functions are controlled by one interface, and line two functions by another.

Jul 13,  · The phone company just left a new jack to install to replace the old one that wasnt working when i opened up the wall jack this is what i found pic 1 i have tried endless configurations and nothing. there are lots of mention of wires with stripes and dashes all the wires are solid colors. Each jack has the colored wires in a different.

Securing your network Knowing how to make your own networking cable is an important, handy skill for a few reasons. First, network cables that you buy at the store are generally grossly overpriced: Secondly, it’s hard to find a ready-made cable that’s just the perfect length; most of the time it’s either too long or too short. When you make your own, the cable will be exactly the length you want, and if it’s not, well, you can make another one or adjust it. You can also make other hardware parts for the network, including network wall ports and patch panels.

As you will see after reading this post, this is a skill that’s not only easy to learn, but it doesn’t cost much, either. Parts, such as patch cable and connectors, are also very affordable. The biggest return on this investment, however, is that you may find making and wiring your own network hardware actually fun, and it gives you complete control of your home network. A well-designed wired home network is also the best in terms of performance, since — for right now, anyway — cabling is much faster and more reliable than a Wi-Fi signal.

If you want to do serious streaming and data sharing within the local network, running network cables is the way to go. Now, let’s start with the cable itself.

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First you must purchase the wall plates for each outlet. I usually have at least 4 wires at each outlet, and the snap in connectors make it easy. If you are only going to have 1 or 2 wires at each outlet, you can save money by purchasing an all-in-one wall plate. You can get even better deals for speaker connector plates that have everything nicely labeled.

Apr 29,  · DIY Guide to Installing a Telephone Jack. Search. Search the site GO. Internet & Network. Guides & Tutorials Phone jack installation is one of the few basic wiring jobs homeowners can do. Another easy way to check the wires is to hook them up to the terminals, plug a phone into the check and listen for a dial tone.

If you are buying a new TV, please make sure that is has a QAM digital tuner before bringing it to campus. Use an appropriate length of cable to connect from the “F” connector box to the “F” connector on the back of your television. This is your standard television coaxial cable connection. You can connect multiple televisions to one cable jack there should be one per bedroom using a cable splitter.

You may purchase television cables and splitters at the Co-op Bookstore in the Hadley Union Building or any store where they sell electronics. How to get all the channels on a cable-ready television Your television must have a digital receiver QAM to get any channels. If your television is only receiving snow or not getting any channels, you will need to program your television for all channels.

Some things to check: Using your remote go to your setup menu and:

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Fax machines have become an essential part of our business and personal lives. Today, phone directories even have fax number listings. If you have just purchased a fax machine or just want to re-locate an existing one, read on to learn how to hook it up. Locate your fax machine’s telephone jacks and AC power cord connection. Typically, these are all located in the rear or on the side of the machine. If your fax machine still has break-off tabs protecting the telephone jacks, carefully pry them out of the slots.

Telephone Jack Installation Instructions. Buy wall mounted phone jack covers. The type of wiring inside this box is called a daisy chain. Only one main cable is strung through this building. The cable comes in, is cut and attached to the telephone jack, then goes out of each box, so the phone jacks in other rooms are are all connected in.

Dan isn’t smart enough to hire me Joined: Sat Jun 23, 7: Actually I just noticed that the phone company jack only has two wires in it where my line has 4. Is there an adapter that can be used or something? There are any number of reasons why your line may not be working. Hooking up you magicJack into the house can be a bit tricky, but I set it up in my house. It doesn’t matter if you are using the two-wire phone cable or the four-wire cable.

How do I set-up/connect magicJack?

How to Install a Phone Jack By: Danny Lipford Telephone jacks can be either flush or surface mounted, so be sure to buy a replacement jack that fits your particular setup. Also, never work on a phone line during a thunderstorm, since lightning can travel down the wire causing serious injury. To disconnect the line, find the telephone interface box which is usually mounted on an outside wall where the phone lines runs into your house.

Open the customer access panel and unplug the test jack. On older interface boxes without a test jack, unscrew the terminals and detach the wires, remembering which one went on which terminal.

Mar 13,  · Comments on “How to Install a Phone Jack” Were do i fine a splitter for a phone jack so i can hook up my copy machine that has a fax with it. Linda Says: The phone jack is on the wall in the other room and that wall is the same wall that I have too. So I use a pin light; shine it from the wall jack, it would go maybe.

This wikiHow teaches you the basics to installing Roku, a device that connects to your TV for streaming digital media. You will need to purchase an HDMI cord separately since the device doesn’t come with one. A component connection consists of green, blue, and red circular outlets.. A composite connection will have yellow, white, and red circular outlets instead.

This is done by opening the back of the remote and installing 2 AAA batteries. These should be packaged with the Roku player, but any standard AAA batteries work fine. Open up the battery compartment by pressing the latch at the top of the cover down. It will be the end with a large rectangle that has two prongs on it. The device should start up on its own. Note that the Roku player does not have a Power button.

Make sure that your TV is off as you connect the Roku player.

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Barrett recommends that you ‘byte’ back with your inner geek! A long time ago, in a lifetime far, far away… There was a telephone on a wall in a kitchen. And it worked just fine. Then, my son was born. When he began demonstrating mobility, I removed the telephone as part of my baby-proofing initiative. The long cord connected to its nestled handset was easily within his newly found reach.

Stud finder Video of the Day Find a suitable location on the wall to mount the telephone jack plate and electrical box. Refer to other phone jacks in your home to determine a uniform height, and look for a location that will be easily accessible. Placing the box next to a wall stud, which you can locate using a stud finder, will allow you to fasten it in place securely.

Cut a hole in the drywall large enough to accommodate the electrical box to which the phone jack plate will be attached. A saber saw is ideal for this type of cut. The hole should be slightly smaller than the jack plate so it is concealed when the plate is mounted. Route 4-wire phone cable to the location, either directly from the outside phone connection or by splicing a new cable into the existing cable routed through your home. Install the electrical box into the hole, securing it to a stud if possible, and pull the phone wire into the box.

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They are convenient and can give you more freedom of movement when calling, but they are sometimes plagued by static noise problems. Find the small gray plastic box called the network interface device NID which is mounted by the telephone company on a wall just outside your home. Follow the line that runs from the utility pole into your home to trace the NID.

Using a screwdriver, loosen the holding screw in front of the box to open its cover. Open the NID and look for the short wire with a modular connector plugged into a jack beside it. Depress the clip on the connector and unplug the connector from its jack.

Travel Experts Reveal 10 Ways To Save On Travel Fashionbeans Can you hook up a dsl modem if you are using a device which plugs into the phone jack to connect a computer in another room to the internet? What is this ‘device’ you are referring to? Are you using your phone lines in your house to run a network? If so, then no, it will be almost impossible to run a DSL modem to that network.

The reason is, a phone line network, which typically runs at 1mb per second, uses ‘token ring’ methology How do you hook up 2 laptop computers without a server using a router? If you’re only connecting 2 computers they can be networked without a server or a router. How do you hook up your computer speakers to your computer?

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