‘The Vampire Diaries’: Elena And Damon Hook Up, But Is It What It Seems? (VIDEO)

In recent weeks, the plot has thickened considerably, like the fog that accompanies most fictional things that go bump in the night. So that would explain the healthy dose of sibling rivalry that was explained by flashback sequences. All season we have been led to believe that Katherine was a manipulative monster, who kept both brothers, and toyed with their emotions like the soul-less creature everyone assumed she was. But in the chaos that ensued in when the vampire finding device was brought out, Mr. Salvatore James Remar cut off his sons literally, down the barrel of a shotgun. Elena is really adopted, and it was her adoptive parents who died in the car crash.

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Is there light at the end of this tunnel for two of our major characters? Or is it time for them to exist in a new place called home? While the rule of permanent death is somewhat foggy when witches are around, one has to wonder how dreadfully destroyed Elena must be having to suffer loss over loss, sometimes with the same person. Elena and Damon find Caroline back at the house where Stefan has been placed.

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Hey, Miss avoiding me for three days. In , there was a vampire roundup in Mystic Falls. I’m bad with dates. Word on the street is that you sold out many vampires, including your best friend Pearl and her daughter Annabelle. I was running from Klaus. I needed to jet solo. I threw a couple of vampire names on a hit list. I also impersonated a teenager to get my ex-boyfriends to make out with me, staged a fake fight to trigger my lover’s werewolf curse, ooh, and I chopped off this douchey guy’s fingers with a butcher knife once.

What about ripping a mother away from her daughter? Having her killed for your own benefit?

Once Upon a Time

Did they end up in different places? That whole idea of finding peace, versus getting sucked into oblivion, was deliberately structured this year to be left open to interpretation. I can say that Lexi, in my heart, found peace, and I believe the same is true for Grams. I definitely know that Silas and Markos and everybody else is definitely gone for good.

The Monster Librarian Presents: Reviews of Vampire Fiction for Young Adults. Vampire fiction is probably one of the most popular horror subgenres for young adults/teens.

Partially because of national pride and partially because, damnit we produce some fine good actors not to mention some very yummy boys. This show is also conveniently based on the book series by L J Smith, who sounds familiar because she too is behind TVD. The story surrounds a group of teenagers in the small town Chance Harbor in Washington and newly-orphaned Cassie who moves to the town after her mum dies.

Some bad guys ie: What do you think? Have you seen The Secret Circle? In the US, their Summer is over, Autumn has come around again and therefore all those rich actors who earn butt loads per episode are back from their exotic holidays which their butt loads of money paid for and forced to go back to work for our petty entertainment. Sucks for them, but fantastic for us. Particularly for us Aussies who have excellent viewing coming up, without the impending doom that is winter sorry US!

And now Gossip Girl has arrived. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

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From 2 pages of the FF Twin Flame thread: Best LOL, you are talking about your own ship, clown: Does anyone in here feel that SE are forced? Best use of smilies: Un fortunately there’s many more lies now between them than it was when Elena was human.

There were some unavoidable Continuity Snarls between the films and the series, though many things were retconned to fit in with the series canon. Still, the series managed to be appealing to fans of the film franchise, and it gained a cult following that still exists today.

Happy th Episode, Vampire Diaries! Today is the day! After a hiatus that seemed longer than decades in a tomb, The Vampire Diaries finally returns tonight and with a milestone episode! Some things are good, some things — not so good. The magic, the flashbacks, the drama, the hot, hot hotties! What would our world be without Ian Somerhalder in it?

Recap: ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – ‘1912’

Fearless With you by pulchritudox reviews It is the early s, Scotland, Seventeen year old Mirrin Stewart, daughter of Lord Advocate, law enforcer Sir James Stewart who has a shaken past and family serects. What will happen when the first sired vampire in history comes to the city in pursuit of getting those secrets?

Will he get what he wants of will the hopeless romantic fall? Sweet Dreams by Lozidee reviews Davina finds herself in the care of the person she would’ve expected the least. Takes place in season 1x Lyarra is a capable lady of the Westerlands and a dutiful wife, but when war breaks out between the Starks and the Lannisters and her family is left broken and divided, the little wolf of Casterly Rock becomes the she-wolf of Winterfell.

May 16,  · Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on the Bonnie/Damon ‘Mystery,’ Alaric’s Struggle, Stefan’s Journey and More Season 6 Scoop.

Based on the books by L. Smith, the series follows high school student Elena Gilbert as she finds out that the new cute boy in school is actually a vampire. Over eight seasons, Mystic Falls was attacked by vampires, werewolves, witches and ghosts. In the middle of all this craziness, the main characters fought, killed and loved one another.

Literally in that order. Somehow these kids managed to stay close even though they kept dating and killing each other. The show revolves around vampire brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore, which means every fan has a favorite brother and a serious opinion on who Elena belongs. For the record, the Mikaelson brothers could totally beat up the Salvatores in a fight.

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I never thought I could be happy again and then I met you. You changed everything for me. I love you so much. I loved her more than I ever thought I could love somebody else. Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series.

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Was Damon Sired to Katherine? Not to take that literally, but given those odds, Damon Ian Somerhalder has sired a hell of a lot of vampires. Should Elena and Damon Stay Together? But is this a good thing? There’s no denying our love for both Salvatores, but while some of us aka Robyn are thrilled Team Delena has finally come to fruition, others aka Sadie believe Damon is better off alone. Here are our arguments for both sides of the equation. What will now go down on next week’s midseason finale?

Who could it be? Blue Foundation Music moment: Damon and Elena hook up again Lyrics: I’ll seek you out, Flay you alive, One Even though she has faith in her hybrid BF, Dec 6, By Wetpaint 0 Turn back if you hate spoilers! But while they were doing the deed, Caroline and Stefan discovered that Elena’s connection to Damon may have grown stronger because of a sire bond that compels her to do as he pleases.

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Spoilers for ‘s many, many television shows past this point. It sure was a great year for true, undying love on television, huh? Felicity and Oliver got engaged on ” Arrow!

Apr 02,  · 3% (). If you relish the dystopian drama of The , The Hunger Games, or other narratives about attractive people living under unattractive .

The CW I am a Delena shipper through and through, which is why it shattered my heart into a million pieces when it was revealed that Elena was put under a sleeping spell at the end of season 6. Unfortunately, while fans like me are still reeling from Damon and Elena’s love story being put on pause, there’s one person who isn’t so into the show pressing the “play” button. In a new interview with E! News, Ian Somerhalder admits he could take or leave a Delena reunion.

But I’m not okay with that. The Vampire Diaries actor — who previously dated his TVD on-screen love interest, Nina Dobrev — was very pragmatic when asked about whether Damon and Elena should get their happy ending in the eighth and final season. However, Somerhalder told E! News he’s wary about a Delena reunion because he doesn’t think Damon necessarily deserves it: Everything she’s ever known is gone.

Almost everyone she’s ever known is dead. She burned her house down. She’s now in a box. But is it a logical one?

The Vampire Diaries 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons” Review

Linda Ge Last Updated: March 10, 7: After sacrificing himself so that his brother, Elena and the town of Mystic Falls could live, Stefan was mourned by all of his friends, finally finding peace while his new wife Caroline Candice King learned to move on without him, opening a school for gifted youngsters with her ex, Alaric Matthew Davis. Meanwhile, Bonnie Kat Graham finally realized she was strong enough to keep on living without Enzo Michael Malarky and went on to travel the world — after some powerful magic helped save the town, of course.

As for Elena, Stefan got his emotional goodbye with his first love, whispering one last secret into her ear:

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The Vampire Diaries season 8: Damon and Elena married? We have the answer! Cinema 13 March, Delena fans got what they wanted … well, almost everything! Did Damon and Elena get married? So, well delivered from the finale of The Vampire Diaries? Here, we still have a little trouble to tell ourselves that there is the series is well and well finished.

We are waiting for you at 6pm on our Facebook page for a special live dedicated to the show of the CW. If the fans are rather satisfied with the Series Finale, some regret that many scenes have been set aside. And of course, the Delena team would have liked to see more about her favorite couple!

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Once Upon a Time episode list The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Storybrooke , Maine , in which the residents are actually characters from various fairy tales that were transported to the “real world” town and robbed of their real memories by the Evil Queen, Regina Lana Parrilla , using a powerful curse obtained from Rumplestiltskin Robert Carlyle.

The town’s only hope lies with a bail bondswoman, Emma Swan Jennifer Morrison , the daughter of Snow White Ginnifer Goodwin , and Prince Charming Josh Dallas , who was transported from the fairy tale world before she could be cursed. As such, she is the only person who can break the curse and restore the characters’ lost memories, aided by her son, Henry Jared S.

Gilmore , with whom she has recently reunited after giving him up for adoption upon his birth , and his book of fairy tales that holds the key to ending the curse. Henry is also the adopted son of Regina who is the mayor of Storybrooke , providing a source of conflict between the two women.

Jul 23,  · lateVMlover is a fanfiction author that has written 63 stories for Veronica Mars, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Teen Wolf, Avengers, Originals.

But then again, nothing about Elena has been expected since she got turned into a vampire. But could it all be part of an elaborate plan by Damon, or is it just a surprise connection that he hasn’t even realized it yet. It wasn’t until the closing moments of the episode that Caroline figured it out and shared it with Stefan. She’d been putting together the puzzle pieces of why Elena seemed to always agree with Damon, even when it meant abruptly changing her mind.

Somehow, as Damon was the one that turned her, Elena is now sired to Damon. Earlier in the night, she’d had to move out of her house because Jeremy’s new Hunter abilities is clouding his judgment — he’d already tried to kill her once. When she moved in with the Salvatores, Stefan left, because she’d already told him she had to choose Damon. So while Caroline was having her revelation, Elena and Damon were getting into bed together.

It’s a hook-up years in the making, but is it real? Does Damon know Elena is sired to him, and if so — how horrible is that? Find out how it plays out as “The Vampire Diaries” continues on Thursdays at 8 p. ET on The CW. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser.

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