Zoey 101: Chasing Zoey Ending?

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Logan Reese

September 24th, , Thus, Nicole is sent to an all-girls school. After everyone settles into their new rooms, Chase tells Zoey he wants to talk with her privately.

Chase comes back in time for the prom, and he and Zoey have a passionate kiss. Stacy has an accident with a car and speaks plainly. Logan and Quinn come out as a couple, eventually.

Sean Flynn Zoey Chasing Zoey is the fourth and final movie of the series. It was also the show’s penultimate episode, before the series finale, “PCA Confidential”. Zoey, however, is still unsure about how she feels about James. This leads to Zoey’s eventual break up with James when she admits “something’s in the way”. When she offers to return the necklace, James insists that she keep it, saying he will still love her.

They each agree to remain friends. Dateless for the prom, Zoey stubbornly refuses to attend despite the efforts of her friends to cheer her up. The night of prom, Zoey is wandering around the empty campus when she gets a phone call from Chase. After making a clumsy entrance, Zoey and Chase share their first kiss.

Zoey then realizes that the reason she didn’t love James was because she was in love with Chase the entire time. At the prom, Zoey and Chase announce their relationship to their ecstatic friends.

List of Zoey 101 Characters – Main Characters – Logan Reese

Stacey was definitely an oddball, but a memorable character. She also appeared on iCarly and in the movie, Family of Four, in Since then, Abby hasn’t done much in TV or film. And, according to her website , she offers acting classes to youngsters and coaching sessions.

List of Zoey episodes. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This Quinn and Logan think that Zoey should keep the radio, while Lola and Michael think that Zoey should return the radio to Chase. At the end of the episode, Chase’s grandfather takes the radio back after he too finds out its value. Zoey starts dating Dean Rivers’s son. But.

Where Are They Now? So, where are the cast members now? Alexa Nikolas Nicole Alexa was cast on the original cast of Zoey , but after many arguments with Jamie Lynn Spears, she was fired and written out of the show before the third season. Christopher Massey Michael Massey who is the older brother of Kyle Massey stayed for all seasons and movies of Zoey Since the show ended, he did many voice acting roles in movies like Avatar: Matthew Underwood Logan Matthew played Logan in all seasons of Zoey and was a main role on the show.

Sean Flynn Chase Sean played the boy madly in love with Zoey and was always just her best friend. She also appeared on mainly one-time roles for shows like CSI: Miami and Melissa and Joey. Victoria Justice Lola Victoria had a main role on the show as Lola for 52 episodes.

Zoey 101 Quesiton?

She is given a new tutor; to her surprise, her tutor is Logan who happens to be one of the best pupils. Zoey starts learning Chemistry with Logan behind her friends’ backs. All of her friends become suspicious, especially Chase. Chase tries to find out why, so Logan lies and says that Zoey is going out with him. Episode 5 The Great Vince Blake This time on Zoey , the Great Vince Blake appears to be the ladies’ man, the best school athlete and the savior of the football team.

He helped PCA advance to the state championships.

Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood) is a main character on Zoey and was part of the cast for all four seasons. He was born rich to a famous TV and movie producer, Malcolm Reese. He is the best friend and roommate of Chase Matthews and Michael Barret.

Because of Sam’s tough demeanor and tomboyish personality especially in the first and second seasons , it’s possible that it’s hard for her to express her feelings towards Freddie, often hitting, teasing, and humiliating him because she can’t express her feelings in a softer way. It’s also possible she wanted to hide her feelings from others including Freddie.

They stand close to each other often and both don’t seem to mind. Often, when they do iCarly, Freddie turns the camera to himself, and Sam then proceeds to turn the camera back to her. Sometimes she’ll grab the camera from him, or she’ll stand behind him and tease him, or physically harass him in some way example: Sometimes, whenever Sam and Freddie are arguing, the people around them smile as if they knew the true meaning behind the fights iNevel , iSpeed Date , iGo to Japan , to name a few.

Standing close to each other.

James Garrett

Question by author chrisslater. Zoey Zoey won because Lance rigged the raffle so they could go together. Zoey click to play it. Question by author quogan

Jun 30,  · Two hearts, both unlucky in love, discover each other. Some Hearts by Carrie Underwood.

Spoilers To the reviewer: Why is it that Nickelodeon has such a hard time producing even a half-decent movie? I mean, this movie might have been good, but it was: Rather superficial, stereotypical, and insulting to some C. It has the stereotypical nerds-stupid faces, glasses, never kissed, vacations with his mom, etc. Well maybe the reason that guy has never kissed a girl is because he’s gay! Does that mean that all gays are nerds? And what’s wrong with being friends with your mother?

I dunno about the gay bit, yes it is shallow, Malcom? I believe, was shallow but then he is Logan’s father. I don’t think they’d say loser. Nerds are different is all.

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Email Copy Link Copied It feels like just yesterday that we were fantasizing about walking the halls of Pacific Coast Academy, chatting it up with Zoey Brooks and her band of wacky but lovable friends. Do you feel old yet? We’ve scoured the depths of the internet to find out what the entire cast of this beloved show has been up to in the last decade or so. As expected, some have fared better than others.

In the movie Zoey Chasing Zoey, Logan takes Stacey Dillsen to the prom to keep his relationship with Quinn a secret. Logan and Quinn announce their relationship at the prom when Stacey is trying to kiss him and he instantly shouts that he loves Quinn.

Zoey moves to London and Chase is heartbroken. For the first time in his life, Logan has to learn how to live without money. Zoe and Lola quickly become obsessed with winning. Chase and Michael accidentally rip off a famous TV show for their web series. Michael tries to introduce a new slang word. Quinn gives up her interest in science when she learns that a transfer student is smarter than her.

This makes her mad and she decides not to give the radio back. Their argument quickly expands to include the rest of the gang, who argue. Quinn and Logan think that Zoey should keep the radio, while Lola and Michael think that Zoey should return the radio to Chase. At the end of the episode, Chase’s grandfather takes the radio back after he too finds out its value. Meanwhile, after being teased by Lola about how she has never been kissed by Mark, Quinn tries to make him kiss her.

However, they begin to drive each other crazy; Michael is VERY hungry, Lola keeps screaming because she is auditioning for a scary movie, Logan is obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror, Chase begins to feel ill, Quinn is worried that Mark may be cheating on her, and Zoey has to miss a date with an extremely cute guy named Danny. When Zoey hears that Chase and his grandmother share the same birthday and that Chase shared a close relationship with her when he was young, she thinks she has the perfect gift for him; to bring his grandmother to PCA, but she gets the flu and is unable to come to PCA.

Whats happening on Zoey 101?!?!?

Photos from the individual Zoey episodes are listed along with the Zoey episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Zoey episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Are you remembering a funny scene but can’t think of the name that the Zoey episode is from?

Scroll below and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Chase’s girlfriend, Rebecca, seems really sweet, until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. She is given a new tutor; to her surprise, her tutor is Logan who

Zoey full episodes quinn and logan dating Can go her date zoey is a secret. The girl at pca. List of quotes from the smartest girl at pca. Do logan and chase look good dating.

On the Nickelodeon animated series, one episode is titled ” Cookie Monster. Bruce replies that they only have a few minutes because they have expensive tickets to ” Muppets on Ice. Snuffleupagus are mentioned in dialogue. Cash Cab Cash Cab is a Discovery Channel television game show that takes place in a New York City taxi cab, where contestants must answer trivia questions for different amounts of money whilst trying to get to their destination without getting three wrong answers and getting kicked out.

In one episode, a Red Light Challenge topic as to name the six Sesame Street Muppets that have appeared on the show since its start in The contestants won the challenge before time ran out. Errors The episode mistakenly listed Mr. Snuffleupagus as a character that has appeared since , when he has only been around since Among them are several pop culture references including Destro from G.

Joe , Sleestacks from Land of the Lost and Skeksis. In the fifth season episode “Under the Influence”, Castle hypothesizes a number of situations by which someone might have acquired the nickname “Monster. Each member is given clues to a different celebrity, and has to guess the celebrity’s name. On the episode of October 24th, , the headline was ” Cookie Monster ate all my cookies! The subject was “Guest Stars on Sesame Street.

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He’s the anti-hero of the show. He’s considered a flirtatious jerk by many students. Logan likes to take pictures of himself and autograph them to give out to girls at PCA. His dad gave him money for all of the appliances in the boys’ dorm room, and also for whatever Logan might want to buy.

Zoey is the first born of Mr. Brooks , and the older sister of Dustin Brooks. In seasons 3 and 4, she is roomates with Lola and Quinn Pensky. She also enjoys designing clothes and backpacks and is quite good at playing Disc Golf. She is a good actress and won the role of a female alien in the school play alongside Logan Reese. Zoey owns a pink Jet X and enjoys eating at Sushi Rox. She ran for class president, but dropped out due to her friendship with Chase.

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Edit People Auction April 9, After a fire burns down Sushi Rox, Zoey and the gang hold a people auction to raise money in order to rebuild it. Chase and Michael get auctioned to the sushi-crazy gym teacher. Zoey, Lola, and Nicole become Logan’s personal cheerleaders, and they are told to “cheer his awesomeness”, as in cheer for everything he does. His plan backfires when the girls decide to cheer for everything he does.

Quinn’s pet alpaca, Otis, is depressed because he misses her, leaving her feeling depressed as well.

This is a place for stories of friendship and romance between Quinn and Logan! The stories we add in here are of “good quality” based on our opinion. Don’t take it personally if your story isn’t added. I might’ve accidentally missed it! PM me ones I missed! A list of stories that contain Chase and Logan slash romance because Chase and Logan make a good couple.

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